Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Part II

Related to my previous post, ortho-drama in action again. This is the most excruciating pain that I've ever encountered for the past three months since I got these shiny metals on after tightening it for the 2nd time. This time, I can't barely chew on anything. I had this big meal from Mcd without even care on how it'll go straight to my "junk in the trunk" but I end up throwing it all up because it was too painful.

I'm not over reacting.

Please don't label me as a girl who whines about how her road to perfection is killing her. This is what I want, I wanted the braces, so I have to deal with it !
but, what do I do when these kind of temptation comes ?

talk about bubble-god-gum ?

this is why I love modern art.

photog by Simen Johan