Tuesday, November 10, 2009

she explained,

Why am I committed to the belief that people do not change? because I actually think that I'm the proof that I'm not .. I'm contradicting. I'm always constantly changing, I'm not the same today than a few yesterdays ago . I believe that changing circumstances of life and let them lead you, but your essence is always the same.

Perhaps it's my defense mechanism not to believe in anyone but me.

fickle ya not tickle ya

Ou ayy lo dear readers (pfft, as if I have readers who follow). Okay, hello dear imaginary readers whom I assume they follow and really give a crap about my crappy thoughts and scribble it here right OKAY WHY AM I TALKING LIKE THIS NOW .

I know, I know my babies, it really has been such a loooong time I haven't been here. Days and months passed, obviously things happened. Should I state it or should I not? Let's just say I've never been better. Now, let's see where my mind leads. At the moment, I might save this as a draft of publish this, because I can't think of a title. ah well, for a start. I'm hungry and I wish I could feed myself with some of these, yummy ..

sepatu; from acne
and err,

People. yummy kan!