Wednesday, December 29, 2010


What the ?

I'm bursting. I swear.

You so 'kiasu' la

I've come up to a realization that the more developed a country is, the less friendly the people are. This applies to only asian countries though. This might be a stereotypical-opinion of mine, but dude. What's the harm of responding to my "Hello Good Morning Uncle", "Hi there, how are you today?" , or simply, giving a gesture to my Thank you's and Hello's?!

But Hey. They've probably woke up at the wrong side of the bed, or burnt their tongue while having coffee in the morning, or running out of toothpaste and had to knock on their neighbor's door to get some or worse, can't do the business after a heavy dinner from last nite. Other than that, my ordinary getaway was a-okay, putting aside my painful long weekend by not seeing my ehem ehem uhuhk huk aaciiiim. ok dah. hihi.

Oh speaking of!

My UFM finally knows how to pose decently in our pictures! I'm stoked as hell. (knowing the fact that his other half is a sucker for camwhoring)

Though it came up to fact where countless people has been pointing out on how skinny he is, --yada-yada.
So my theory is that you're depressed if you're getting skinnier. What a bull. Hey. I have nothing against him being skinny/fat/lean/muscular/whatever-ish but, listening to people pointing out that fact devastates me as much as pointing out the fact that I've put on weight.

Oh enough with the weight issues already iqa, I'm turning into a stale cheese.

Scratch everything I just blabbed about because honestly, I seriously DO NOT take this as something to contemplate about.
Nothing, and I mean NOTHING can ruin this ever-so lasting new breed of butterflies. Inshallah. hee.


A Happy Kid

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I just wanna scream like a little girl whenever I click the play button

So I don't usually have the hots for this, but hey &hearts

I have the best pair of crying shoulder now ;)

Why can't you want me like the other boys do? They stare at me while I Crave You.

Despite the fact that the video kinda failed me since it has no message, it's pretty interesting to know that the pretty boy's a girl.

explosions in the sky?

what I should have done today was making my day productive but instead, I glued myself in the bed for the whole day. Oh don't get me wrong, nothing depressing about it since currently I have every reason to wake up in the morning. I've been so inspired lately, due to my wicked transitions of having a newfound jubilant factor.

Very Very Jubilant Indeed.

Little happy tunes kept playing in my mind. Little thoughts linger most of the time, walking through a never-ending sparkly route.

All I can say is, Alhamdulillah. This is all I could ask for. I was never really good at making gratitude gestures and speech but I hope this shall be a start. I'm putting everything aside, the obstacles, the good stuffs; though I kinda suck at judging on which is which.

Solitary episodes are now filled

The pleasing feeling of putting priorities at its most

Making my theory of distractions as a myth

Learning a fact that pleasing the person you're into derives you into enjoyment

Even the greatest obstacle is a constructivist factor

I would not like to state here what I wish and hope for but please, let this be
Built to Last.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

shoo lipids shoo!

Badak Biskut, Badak Air, Mummy

Badak Biskut puts on Badak Air's shirt.

Mummy, kalau I pakai baju yang dia tgh pakai tu nampak gemuk macam Badak Biskut ke?

Apela you ni, soalan macam sial.

Badak Air makes the proudest smirk ever, even a well-fed toddler could feel fat.


Trust me, I am the epic example of a person who is easily-tensed by people's words. Still, I only starve for a minute and then proceed into digging a wholesome of teeth-rotting edibles.

P/s: I am Badak Biskut.


The time of the month has arrived and it's driving my thoughts into despair.


has started. Twas a pretty good start to have a site visit trip to Penang. We have a competition organized by PAM (Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia) to design an Eco-Retreat Centre. This project shall be integrated with our Studio Design subject later. Overall it was A-okay. Like, fucking A should I add? That part leads to another area (let's see if I care to elaborate more later)

ANYWAY. The results I got wasn't such a pretty picture. Whine all I can, it's almost December if I still worry and take zero actions all the stuffs I've gone through should just be trashed if it doesn't undergo the development of me being immature. Though this kinda leads me to be tangled in a subtle confusion. Can I cope with the next offered subjects? What if I'm jaded of the upcoming stress? Am I gonna be unlucky on handling obstacles? What if my 'tragic-seeker' attitude becomes obsolete? What if I fall into despair knowing the fact that I'm not critical enough to achieve what I want? What if, What if. Screw my pessimism. I should just start moving every muscle for a tighter ass.

Just thought I'd share some of my recent thoughts lurking around me.

Till then pretty earthlings;