Wednesday, December 8, 2010

explosions in the sky?

what I should have done today was making my day productive but instead, I glued myself in the bed for the whole day. Oh don't get me wrong, nothing depressing about it since currently I have every reason to wake up in the morning. I've been so inspired lately, due to my wicked transitions of having a newfound jubilant factor.

Very Very Jubilant Indeed.

Little happy tunes kept playing in my mind. Little thoughts linger most of the time, walking through a never-ending sparkly route.

All I can say is, Alhamdulillah. This is all I could ask for. I was never really good at making gratitude gestures and speech but I hope this shall be a start. I'm putting everything aside, the obstacles, the good stuffs; though I kinda suck at judging on which is which.

Solitary episodes are now filled

The pleasing feeling of putting priorities at its most

Making my theory of distractions as a myth

Learning a fact that pleasing the person you're into derives you into enjoyment

Even the greatest obstacle is a constructivist factor

I would not like to state here what I wish and hope for but please, let this be
Built to Last.


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