Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Officially Irritated.

"Focus, Sayang,"

--that's what Mummy had been telling me for these past few weeks. Last semester for foundation cannot be any worse than this. In fact, I said the same thing last time. Funny how I never abandoned my cheerful frame of mind. Ahh, the best way is to twist it and turn it into scribbles with a dash of my own sense of humour. Awright, I did overlooked some things because of these irrelevant factors;

Yeah, friggin pimples. I don't know why? My hormones aren't even raging at this point of time. They seem to remind me like apples on trees-- OK NOT RELATED.
WTF. The worst part is, when one pops out and vanish, a substitute comes along.

I did end up like the pony ((.cont) of my previous post).
I was a laughingstock on the first day but WTF if Lily Allen can do it, and Hayley can pull it off in the crushcrushcrush video, so can I ! *tsk*
( this was a modest unintended attempt for feeling good )

Bingo! Ladies & Gentlemen. Boy, this is really "something" ..

Look what I prepared myself for in order to digest, tolerate and abide?
Yeah the one and only "moving on" instrumentation being applied by thou.
It's a free country, thus thou is allowed to do,peck,wear anything and anyone thou want to while doing it. Let's just say, I've learnt that I should always and always make my very own genius assumptions. Why? They're always accurate.

I'm happy if you're happy, but how can I be sad when you're not?

'cause my momma taught me better than that !


I'm doing just oh-so-very fine.

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