Friday, September 10, 2010

1 Syawal.

2.45 AM

Touchdown Bagan Ajam, Butterworth. I wanted to beat myself up for being super duper exhausted knowing the fact that I slept almost the entire journey.

3.15 AM
Washed up, pillows ready to tuck us in then suddenly when I was about to sleep, I couldn't move, it was like a sleep paralysis (orang melayu cakap kena 'tindis'). Happened several times and it made my mum worried.

At that point of time I was thinking, "Eh setan baru terlepas dah nak tindis-tindis I? Lek lek duluu,"

But then again, I thought to myself, this could just be my exhausted cells making it's own action.

*Note to self: Look up for "sleep paralysis"

8.15 AM
"Iqa, please wake up. FOR THE LOVE OF RAYA'S SAKE,"-- Mum
So my laughter woke me up.

9.30 AM
Families gathered around, I was in utter shock to see one of my cousins' faces. LIKE OMG TODDLERS FACES CHANGE. FAST. I used to remember all their names but there were just too many of them to remember.

This is something I have to endure with the fact that my dad is sorta the eldest among his siblings- also the most HYPER, LOUD and ridiculously childish.

Photo-sessions were made, funny to see how each family has their own theme colour. We were like a bunch of soldier-cliques. Memang dasar orang Penang kan, suka ber-boria?

By 12 PM
I was already in dad's worn-out t-shirt with my kain baju kurung. Penang is a 100 degrees okay? Slept all the way through 'till


and had a hell lot of ketupatlemangrendang. Went to dad's uncles' and surprisingly, I still get them green packets! How nice.

So here I am now feeling utterly awkward to blog. I'm treating my blog like a freaking journal. Oh well, I'm gonna beat myself up for leaving it a little too long.

I reckon this Eid is gonna be a so-so pace, but yet, fulfilling :)

I hope your Eid is blessed and sprinkled with joy?

Much Love;

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