Saturday, September 11, 2010


"Ladies and gentlemen, we've begun our initial descent into my area. We're currently a KAZILLION miles away from home and should be touching down in BLABLA minutes. The weather in the area is reported as similar to be EFFING SUNNY with a 10000000 degrees celsius, with xxxxx miles visibility, winds out of the north at xxx miles per hour. Please dear pilot, bring me home, now! "

Oh cut the crap.

Penang isn't as enjoyable as I remembered it to be. Or was it even any fun at all? I've come up to a point where I realize, that I don't even know this place? Yes, I'm from Penang, but ask me significant places I won't even have any idea where or which place you're talking about since I've spent most of my time sitting at home. Yes, twenty solid years of living, never missed a year not visiting the talked-about state.


On the other hand, maybe I've outgrown from the raya massacre? All the preparations for cuisines and looking good for the first day, what else is there? It's like you're aiming for rainbows and all you get is just stream of light reflectance with 7 different colours. Alright, the metaphor might be just a bit over-the-top.

Or is it just probably that I can't stand the fact looking at my relatives' faces express on how far I've grown? Nonetheless, I am truly blessed to see both of my folks' faces on the pagi raya. These two faces are the reason why I live. My family. My guding-guding family. My mama bear and papa bear.

That's just it, you know? Besides looking forward for the Eid prayers (which is depending on my menstrual cycle's luck)

'Someone' told me that he is Grinch. Only in a Eid-Ul-Fitr' version. Well, I know I already am.

Please See:

This is Grinch.

Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri once again. May you're free from pretense to honour your "Maaf Zahir Batin" as I will engage in conflict to find mine.

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