Monday, September 20, 2010

In your face!

Okay just a short brief:

Back in school, I've had tons of nickname. There's bel, beel, bibil, tiqa, and the one that is capital and I prefer the most, Iqa.
Though there is this one short vocal track that can really make my ears bleed figuratively just by hearing it. That is, Pika (commonly spelled; Pika, Pyka, Pyqa, Piqa, Peeka)

I mean, what's that all about? My parents didn't include any letter 'P' in my name? Where did that all come from?

I blame you Meor Nazri Bin Meor Hamdan.

Though this kinda change my vertigo reaction on the thought of making my ears bleed.

P/s: Entry tak berasas dan tiada motif. Kesalahan tidak sengaja. Maafkan.

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