Monday, September 20, 2010


Sketch-up/AutoCad massacre:

It was almost the break of dawn, our tummies were growling like nobody's business,
I was scratching my head to finalize my 3D/Elevations, etc, and I then I called him for help.
We were sharing the same chair, unconscious of our jaw-dropping-constant stare on to the laptop. There was a silence of concentration, with huge yawns in between, and he suddenly asks about my oh-so-fugly design,

"Kenapa boleh jadi macamni? Sape buat macamni?,"

I grinned and answered guiltily with the most bimbotic answer I just discovered,

"Ehehehe. Mana I nak tau,"

He commented,

"Haihhh, orang cakap pandai, marah"
"Bongok laa,"

So I became defensive imitate him,

"You la Bongok!"

He left and walked away from my table. While he was walking I said,

"Awwww. This is so sweet. You nak tahu apa yang sweet tak?,"

There I was thinking that I was talking alone to myself.
Few seconds after he turned, coming back to my table and asked,

"Ape dia?"

and then I said,

"We're having our first fight!"

and we both went,



Hehe. Dysfunctional.

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TarmacTemptation said...

umm , abg adik ? haha . this is so sweet :)